Spindev simulates data flow to and from your B2B integration platform. You can detect regressions before promoting changes into production.
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Spindev Benefits

Empowered operational teams

Accelerate the pace of your B2B application deliveries with our automated testing platform. Perform your set of automated tests to ensure regression-free updates. Operational teams get access to business critical features quicker, with a higher quality.


More customers and partners

When it comes to adding a new partner or customer into your B2B platform, you have to be reactive and maintain a high level of quality. With Spindev, you can quickly validate that changes in your platform are correct for your new integration partner, and are not breaking existing B2B integrations.. With the last features from all your applications, integration with new partners is much easier.

Enforced Security

Whether your B2B platform is off-the-shelf or homemade, you need to apply security patches as soon as available to maintain a high level of security level in your IT production environment.
With Spindev, you can quickly test the patched platform to insure its correctness.

A Platform Designed For Your B2B Application Automatic Testing

Speaking B2B language

– Native support of many protocols : AS2 with and without MDN, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, REST…
– Supporting synchronous and asynchronous communications
– Smart validation of many format of messages: EDIFACT, XML, JSON, CSV…

Online Tests Management

– Easy creation and management of data flow test case to support all your partners and customers use cases
– Tests data storage
– Automatic management of test artifacts

Automatic Tests Execution

-Automatic test execution from our platform or launched via API
– Target your multiple platforms (staging, pre-production, production)

Without Spindev

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With Spindev

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By bridging customers, suppliers, and business applications, B2B platforms are at the heart of enterprise IT. At Spindev, we aim to help IT teams to accelerate, ensure and secure their IT integration, so they can deliver more value to business.