Faster EDI projects
for a better business agility

Boost your EDI teams with our solution for specification management, flow cartography and test automation

A solution designed to accelerate your EDI development

Move your EDI to DevOps

Recheck all your flows exchanged with your partners before deploying to production.

Spindev simulates EDI flows and verifies that messages are processed properly by your platform.

No more endless hours spent monitoring your platform’s console to identify lost or misleading messages.

Find the bugs before your customers

Get a clear view of your mappings, your flows, and your B2B partners to evaluate the risks of your functional changes.

Spindev helps you centralise and edit the specifications. Thanks to the combination of specifications and mappings, Spindev can instantly detect the flows impacted by your changes.

No more searching for impacts in scattered and outdated documentation!


Make your EDI plaform Agile

You can change EDI provider, upgrade and apply security patches at your own rhythm.

Spindev radically reduces the risk of regression during a migration by replaying all the flows and verifying that the transformations produce the same results.

No more DIY to fill missing features!