Used before pushing your EDI platform to production, Spindev allows you to automatically test the processing of your flows by simulating the submission of data and checking the data generated. No more wasted time running tests by hand

A solution designed to accelerate your EDI development

Push your changes into production with confidence

Replay and validate all types of flows exchanged with your partners. Spindev simulates the EDI flows exchanged with your partners. It validates that messages are correctly received, transformed and sent back by your B2B platform before promoting changes into production.

Support of the main B2B protocols: AS2, FTP / S, SFTP, HTTP / S, REST…
 Support of synchronous and asynchronous flows
Contextual validation of the main message formats: EDIFACT, XML, JSON, CSV…

Save time on your testing activities

Benefit from a test infrastructure tailored to B2B integration and ready for immediate use:

1) Generation of incoming and outgoing flow tests from production EDI flows:  data to send and expected output data.

2) Execution of test flows from Spindev using the partner protocol, and comparison of expected output message data with those obtained by the test execution.

3) Analysis of failed tests using advanced validation tools.

Find the bugs before your customers

Find issues in your EDI flows during their development with wider testing coverage:

Spindev allows you to automatically compare the output data of your EDI flows with reference data. Irrelevant fields (timestamps, ID…) are ignored.
Quickly detect connection problems (expired AS2 certificate, modified authentication ID…).

Add and update your flows faster

All your specifications and tests are centralized: no more Excel sheets and other shared directories.

Hosted by Spindev or installed in your environment, tests are available for developers, QAs and business analysts.
Your specifications and test data are secure and backed up.