Spindev black-box test automation platform empowers the development and QA teams for their software testing
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Spindev Benefits

Faster Time to Market

Start testing your project from day 1. Having access to a complete functional test automation solution, you can write and update your functional test cases as your code evolves.  Quickly test and validate your software for each new execution environment.

Empowered Team

Retain you hard-to-hire talents by providing them the tools they need to work efficiently, on what they care about the most: coding for software engineers, or functional validation for QAs.

Improved Software Quality

Get continuous and accurate measures of your software quality. Easily monitor test results trends to ensure the quality level is always on track and matches your objectives.

A Platform Designed For Your Back-End Automatic Testing

Online Tests Management

– Easy test case definition and organization
– Tests data storage and versioning
– Automatic management of test artifacts

test case creation in spindev
campaign execution in spindev

Cloud Tests Execution

– Automatic black-box test execution on an extensively diverse set of test machines
– Horizontal scaling for the fastest test results

Quality Monitoring

– Monitor quality trends for every software version and every feature
– Share results across your software and QA teams
– Generate quality reports

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Without Spindev

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With Spindev

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Software is everywhere: cars, washing machines, banks, artificial hearts etc. At Spindev, we aim to serve this mega-trend by supporting all engineering teams with the right testing tools, to produce better software, faster.