EAI/ESB Testing


Challenges When Updating Your EAI/ESB

Enterprise Application Integration is a key component in today’s enterprise IT systems. Validating each new update is challenging, as there are many different tests to perform:

Regression Tests

The EAI/ESB system is bridging many different applications performing various data processing across multiple data formats. Every one of those routes in the system is a functional test case that should be verified against regression for every update.

Functional Tests

Newly added functionalities should be verified according to their requirements.

Security Tests

Any update to your EAI/ESB system should not compromise system security.

All of these testing activities require many different test cases. Specific tools are needed to manage test cases and test data, and execute and monitor test results.

Moreover, with DevOps and Agile megatrends implying increased pace of EAI/ESB platform updates and requiring incessant changes in integrated applications, new EAI/ESB systems have to be rolled out on a more frequent basis. Manually performing all of these tests is not sustainable and requires testing automation.

Because Your EAI/ESB is Critical for Your Business

By linking enterprise business applications, EAI/ESB systems are in the heart of the IT enterprise. Any kind of issue in an EAI/ESB production system can have catastrophic consequences for enterprise business such as:

– Regression and functional errors may lead to wrong invoices, locked employees, etc.
– Downgraded performance could imply lost orders, delays in delivery, etc.
– Security issues can be fatal for enterprise reputation.

With pressure from increased competition, all enterprise should ensure the highest level of quality in their IT system to remain highly competitive.

Spindev Solution for EAI/ESB Acceptance Testing

Spindev’s cloud-based solution streamlines EAI/ESB testing thanks to its all-in-one platform.

How it works

1. Import production data as test cases.
2. Provide the IP address of your staging or pre-production EAI/ESB server.
3. Select the test cases you want to run.
4. Press the run button.
5. Analyze test results report.


Reporting: Get a complete report of your tests execution for each new update.

Test Case and Data Management: Your test cases’ definition and associated data are safely stored in Spindev cloud.

Test Execution: Your test cases are executed from Spindev cloud.

Regression Testing with Production Data: Easily add production data to test cases to ensure functional correctness and continuity of your new EAI/ESB versions.

Spindev Benefits for Your Business

With Spindev, you have access to a solution that seamlessly enables your IT teams to validate each new version of your EAI/ESB.

Increased confidence in EAI/ESB quality
Faster, controlled EAI/ESB updates 

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