Too many CIOs don’t dare to update their EDI solution for fear of the impacts on their IS and business. With Spindev, don’t wait any longer to migrate your EDI platform

Affraid to change your EDI solution?

Reduce risks

As EDI is at the heart of your relationships with your customers and suppliers, the risk of an EDI platform migration disrupting your supply chain and exchanges with your customers must be minimized.

Spindev radically reduces the risk of regression during migration:
• replay and check each EDI flows of all your partners, thanks to the automatic import of production flows into test cases
• validate all functional cases by identifying all tests associated with a flow, and easily create missing test cases

Shorten delays to cut down cost

The longer an EDI platform migration takes, the higher the costs (double license billing, double server to maintain, double software maintenance…).

Spindev reduces the time spent on regression tests by up to 90%:
• submit EDI flow tests and retrieve processed data automatically
• compare the data processed on the old and the new platforms automatically

Move EDI teams to DevOps

Some EDI flows were developed several years ago, and there is no longer any documentation and associated test cases. Maintaining and developing your EDI is becoming slower and slower, while business needs are accelerating: new customers, new business rules…

Using Spindev during an EDI migration is an opportunity to support change towards greater agility:

• provide a single tool to business analysts, developers and QAs that centralizes specifications and associated tests
• set up a continuous integration process, thanks to automatic tests execution