Respect the deadlines of your EDI platform migration by automatically testing EDI flows

Spindev automatically compares EDI flows from production with those from the migration environment. Stop wasting time launching tests by hand or creating a dedicated test infrastructure.

Make sure that your EDI platform migration does not disrupt your B2B exchanges

Test all your partners’ EDI flows on your new platform.

By automatically importing EDI flows from your production platform as tests into Spindev, you can ensure that each migrated EDI flow for your new B2B platform will be correct as soon as it goes into production. Continuity of service is ensured, without writing a test..

Up to 90% time saving on your migration tests

Your new EDI solution is automatically tested at the beginning of your project.

Spindev allows you to simulate production flows to your new EDI environment. Each test flow is submitted to the platform in accordance with the format and production protocol (AS2, FTP, HTTP…). Outgoing flows are automatically recovered and compared with those generated by the solution in production. No manual launch, no script to write. By using Spindev from the beginning of your project, the time required for the final acceptance testing is minimal, with a maximum level of quality.

All your flow tests are centralized and shared

Hosted by Spindev or installed in your environment, migration tests are available for developers, QAs and analysts.

Spindev makes it easy to manage your migration tests: your test data is secure and backed up. No more Excel sheets and other shared directories. And you can archive them once the migration project is complete.

Analyse changes in migrated flows more quickly

Avoid false positives with our advanced validation tools.

Spindev allows you to automatically compare the output data of your EDI flows, regardless of the format used: EDIFACT, XML, JSON, CSV, Text. It is possible to check particular patterns. Irrelevant data (timestamps, ID…) are ignored