A cloud-based specification management and test automation platform that is independent of your company’s EDI solution

1 - Manage your specifications and tests in a unique place

When you initiate a new EDI project, add and edit the specifications of your flows directly into Spindev.
Match your specifications with the test cases that will be used for UAT and regression tests.
Visualize the impacts on existing flows of your functional changes and make sure all your flows are tested.

2 - Automatically test your new or updated flows

Once the developments are available on the test environment, run your tests and follow their automatic execution. The messages are automatically submitted to the targeted platform. Spindev verifies that the file processing has been done correctly by analyzing the output message or by connecting to the target applications (ERP, WMS, etc.).

3 - Iterate until the end of the project

If test analysis highlights specification or development issues, re-iterate. If necessary, create a new version of your specifications. Rewrite the new development using the available tests. Follow the progress of the project with the dashboard, and decide whether to deploy your platform to production.

Save Time with Spindev Features

Accelerate test case creation

Spindev allows you to automatically create EDI test flows from production data.

Focus only on relevant changes

Spindev allows you to target or ignore specific fields in JSON, CSV, EDIFACT, text, Unilog and XML files.
Non-relevant tags and segments are safely ignored.

Find errors in tests right away

When a received message differs from an expected message, you have visual access to the changes to quickly locate the differences.
Access to connection logs makes it easy to find errors in data transfer.

Test your flows as well as those of your partners

Spindev supports the most important communication protocols used by EDI: AS2 with and without MDN, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, REST…
And we keep adding more!

Measure quality prior to promoting changes into production

Get information about the quality of your B2B platform with an overview of your tests results.

Don't lose your test cases anymore

Easily create and manage test cases online, with detailed test descriptions and parameters.
Create a set of test cases to run under certain conditions.

Your data is protected

All communications and files stored in Spindev are encrypted. Your data (tests, results) are backed up daily.
All your tests are performed in isolated environments.

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