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Designed by software engineers and QA experts, for software engineers and QAs, Spindev platform is easy-to-use, with a simple 3 step workflow to create, run and analyze your black-box tests

add test case in spindev

1 - Create Your Test Cases Online

Create your tests via our web interface. Enter your tests data (input and expected test results) and metadata (required hardware and OS) along with the commands to be executed to test the software. When your software and your test evolve, keep different versions of the tests data.

add campaign case in spindev

2 - Execute Test Cases on Spindev Cluster

Upload your software to be tested and select the test cases to be executed. Tests are automatically executed on Spindev servers, scaling horizontally to enable the fastest completion. Then the test results are stored in the Spindev cloud for later access. Our cluster provides an extensive diversity of test machines (hardware and OS/software) to cover all of your supported platforms.

dashboard in spindev

3 - Analyze Test Results on Spindev Dashboard

Take full advantage of our dashboard where you can follow campaign execution and results. Access a wide range of data from execution history, logs of the tests, quality trends (percentage of success, test durations etc.), and more.

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Features Helping You Save Time

Extensive Test Execution Infrastructure

We provide an extensive choice of test environments, with hundreds of combination of OS/RAM/CPU/GPU capabilities.

Test your application in any environment

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Ready-to-use Test Lifecycle Management Tool

You do not need to write and maintain dedicated code to automate your tests.

No more maintenance of a testing infrastructure

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Optimized Test Execution

With the optimized parallel execution of your tests, that scales horizontally, stop waiting for your tests results and get fast feedbacks for your latest software changes.

Increase development speed

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Quality Dashboard

Get insights into your software quality thanks to the testing campaign overview, changes over time and achieved objectives.

Confident decision making


Easy Reporting

Generate test result reports in various formats. Share them with management, auditors, or customers.

Stop filling spreadsheets reports


Online Test Management

Easily create and maintain test cases online, with detailed test descriptions and settings. Create a collection of test cases to be run under certain conditions, hardware, or OS.

Powerful test management

test management on multiple devices

Test Data Management

We take care of data versioning, backup, restore, cleaning, and transfer for you.

Stop struggling with your test data

managing test data

Secured Data

Your IP is our most important concern. We rely on the latest technlogies to ensure its security: all communications are encrypted, as well as all files stored in the Spindev cloud. All your tests are run in an isolated environments, and destroyed as soon as the test is finished.

Your IP is protected

secured data

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