Simple To Use

Designed for B2B/EDI developers as well as for Service Delivery Managers Spindev platform is easy-to-use, with a simple 3 step workflow to create, run and analyze your data flow tests

1 - Create Your Data Flow Test Cases Online

– Create your data flow tests via our web interface:  define the input data flow (protocol, message content)
– Define the expected outputdata flow (message content, validation method, protocol, synchronous or not).
Alternatively, you can import production data flow as test cases. Spindev takes care of the storage and the backup of all your tests data.

2 - Execute Data Flow Tests From Spindev Cluster

– Choose the platform you want to test, select the test cases to be executed.
– Click on run and wait for your tests automatic execution. Data flow from tests are automatically submitted to the targeted platform and outbound responses expected by Spindev platform.
Test results are stored in Spindev server for later access.

3 - Analyze Test Results

Take full advantage of your job results:
– Triage passed/failed tests by focusing on differences in the message that matters.
– Decide whether or not to promote your platform under test to production.

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Features Helping You Saving Time

Smart Message Validation

We provide a solution to focus or ignore specific fields of JSON, CSV, EDIFACT and XML files.
For plain text files, we provide access to a regexp editor.
Irrelevant fields can be safely ignored.

Focus only on real changes

person looking at database

Powerful diff tool

When output and expected messages differ, you have access to the changes in a parallel view to quickly pinpoint changes.

Quick access to what have changed

office workers

Extensive B2B protocols supported

We support many B2B communication protocols managed by most B2B platform: AS2 w/o MDN, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, REST…
And we plan to add more!

Ensure correctness of all protocols managed by your B2B platform

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Ready-to-use Test Lifecycle Management Tool

You don’ need to write and maintain dedicated code to automate your tests.

No more maintenance of a testing infrastructure


Quality Monitoring

Get insights into your software quality thanks to the testing job overview, changes over time and achieved objectives.

Confident decision making


Online Test Management

Easily create and maintain test cases online, with detailed test descriptions and settings. Create a collection of test cases to be run under certain conditions.

Powerful test management

test management on multiple devices

Test Data Management

We take care of test data storage, backup, restore, and cleaning.

Stop struggling with your test data

managing test data

Secured Data

Your IP is our most important concern. We rely on the latest technologies to ensure its security: all communications are encrypted, as well as all files stored in the Spindev cloud. All your tests are run in an isolated environments

Your IP is protected

secured data

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