Suited For Differents B2B Use Cases


Integration Platform Updates

It is important to frequently update your integration platform, to leverage last functionalities and to keep a high level of security. With Spindev, you can insure that the new platform correctly integrates into your IT.


New connection to customers and partners

Mappings, protocols and messages are constantly evolving, as requested by customers and partners.
With Spindev, you can insure that changes for new or existing partners is correct and does not introduce regression with your other partners flows.


Updates into your IT

Updating the OS or the hardware of your integration platform is not without consequences and can negatively impact legacy platform. With Spindev, you can test you platform in its new environment to insure its correctness.

Why you should test below the UI

Software testing good practices recommend to avoid testing components through the UI. This is even more important for middleware applications like data integration platform.
Here are some reasons why:

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Even the most insignificant change in the UI might have effects on your test results. You will have many failed tests due to the UI which are unrelated to changes in the engine your platform

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The test needs to start the UI or the web server. Your platform tests performance will be highly degraded with unnecessary steps


Complex to Interpret

Testing through the UI means that any test failure will require in-depth investigation to find the faulty component

Enabler For DevOps

Reduce the time between committing a change to your data exchange platform and the change being pushed to production with the continuous feedback on the quality you will get from Spindev

Scope of Testing

✅ Functional Requirements
✅ Test Automation
✅ Back-End Testing
✅ Production-Like Environment

Best Practices

✅ Test Data Management
✅ Pass/Fail Criteria
✅ Non-UI Testing

Beyond Roadblockers

✅ Scalable Infrastructure
✅ Sercice Virtualization

For Who

All enterprise with a critical integration platform should consider having a strong validation process.
This includes, but is not restricted to, many industries: 

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Supply Chain
Retail (online or physical)
Airport Operations
Hospital Operations


Suited For Differents Type of Tests


Regression Testing

Add, update, and run regression tests to quickly detect broken mappings and reappearing bugs


Functional Testing

Increase the number of mappings and protocols covered by the tests. Test all of your applications configurations and settings