Suited For Differents Type of Tests


Regression Testing

Add, update, and run regression tests to quickly detect broken features and reappearing bugs


Black-Box Testing

Perform black-box testing of your end-to-end algorithm and all of its components


Functional Testing

Increase the number of features covered by the tests. Test all of your software configurations and settings


Verification and Validation (VnV)

Execute tests in every production-like environment possible. Measure algorithm precision to ensure it is matching specifications

Why you should test below the UI

Software testing good practices recommend to avoid testing components through the UI – Here are some reasons why

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Even the most insignificant change in the UI will have effects on your test results. You will have many failed tests due to the UI which are unrelated to changes in your back-end.

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The test needs to start the UI or the web server. Your back-end tests performance will be highly degraded with unnecessary steps



You need to have a full and complete software. You can’t start testing your back-end without having access to the UI


Hard to Maintain

You need to update UI test even if you change the back-end

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Complex to Interpret

Testing through the UI means that any test failure will require in-depth investigation to find the faulty component

Enable Continuous Testing

Execute your tests as part of the software delivery process to obtain continous feedback on the quality of a software version

Scope of Testing

✅ Functional Requirements
✅ Test Automation
✅ Back-End Testing
✅ Production-Like Environment

Best Practices

✅ Test Data Management
✅ Pass/Fail Criteria
✅ Non-UI Testing

Beyond Roadblockers

✅ Scalable Infrastructure
✅ Sercice Virtualization

For Every Business

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Accelerated development, increased quality

Don’t let software testing, verification, and validation slow down your product release. With access to Spindev’s ready-to-use test automation solution, enterprise can efficiently evaluate new software version, or newly produced software, adding more test cases and cutting down the feedback loop between QAs and developers.



More competitive

Be more competitive by providing your customers with faster and more dedicated development of higher quality. IT consulting companies can concentrate on the development of the software required by their customers and leverage Spindev solution to create and run their tests.

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Faster time to market

Startups need to market their solution as fast as possible. Accessing Spindev’s test platform, which provides complete black-box testing capabilities, enables them to keep focused on their innovative software, without compromising on quality.

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Close the gap for black-box testing

Spindev relies on many open source components. As such, we provide free functional testing capabilities to selected open source projects. Just contact us to apply to our open-source program.

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For Every Team

Whatever your software development approach (Agile, Waterfall, V-Model), software testing has become everyone’s business. The Spindev platform links all software stakeholders and streamlines the workflow between software engineers, QAs and product managers.

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Software QA Teams

Without the burden to maintain the software testing infrastructure and to create test reports, quality engineers can focus more thoroughly on functional requirements. This helps to verify and validate, having higher coverage of test cases, and leading to higher quality products. Spindev cloud execution provides efficient and fast test campaign’s results, accelerating the feedback loop to software engineering teams

Software Development Teams

Software engineering teams lacking human or hardware resources to black-box test their software can close the gap thanks to the Spindev platform. They get access to a solution integrated within their software factory, and get continuous feedback of their black-box tests, as for their unit tests.

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Functional or Product Teams

No need to build an automation tool just to be able to validate your software that was built by another team or company. With Spindev, product teams can easily perform functional validation without technical knowledge, accelerating the feedback loops with suppliers, and enlarging the scope of functional test cases for a broader validation.

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For Many Non-UI Software

Spindev back-box test automation platform is designed for software with the main business value in its computation capabilities rather than in its GUI. It is particularly suited for software with varying performances, handling potentially high data volume, and with many settings combinations.

EAI system

Entreprise Application Integration

Validating and regression testing of EAI/ESB is challenging due to the vast variety of components and formats. Spindev cloud platform enables regression and load testing, which provides confidence to the infrastructure.

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Image, Video and Audio Processing

Validating image, video, or audio processing requires “real” cases, for which managing test input and reference data can be complex: high volume, data transfer, backup, versioning etc.
Spindev handles all of these infrastructure aspects, letting you focus on the various functionality to be tested.


Machine / Deep Learning

Machine and Deep Learning changes the way applications are tested, emphasizing data-driven tests over code testing.
Spindev provides a perfect solution to validate AI applications efficiently.

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Algorithm Development

Evaluating algorithm efficiency can be more advanced than just a passed/failed criteria. When the algorithm generates numerical data, prediction data or false positive answers, you want to measure your algorithm precision. Spindev dashboard helps monitor algorithm improvements.

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