Avoid EDI bugs disrupting your supply chain by automatically testing flows

Spindev allows you to automatically regression test EDI flows in your supply chain, before any change in your B2B platform. Have full visibility into the quality of your system before each production launch.

Prevent disruptions in your supply chain

Test all EDI flows from your B2B partners.

By automatically importing EDI flows as tests in Spindev, you can check that the data exchanges with all your partners are correctly processed by the EDI platform. Continuity of service is ensured, without writing a test.

Add partners faster

Check new incoming and outgoing flows automatically.

Spindev allows you to simulate the EDI flows of your new partners to your B2B integration platform. Any new flow is simulated using the format and protocol used by your partner (AS2, FTP, HTTP…). The output data is automatically retrieved and compared with the expected data according to the specifications. No manual launch, no script to write. By using Spindev from the beginning of your project, the time required for the final acceptance tests is minimal, with a maximum level of quality.

Speed-up the acceptance tests of mappings developed by your service providers

Turn your specifications into automatic tests.

During the specification phase of your new EDI flows, import the data sets provided to the service provider into Spindev. As soon as the new mapping is delivered, you can automatically test it and ensure that there is no regression on your other flows. These new data sets enrich your test assets.